New Launch Of Gepad Barcode Scanner

  • Date:07/07/2018

With the development of information technology, there are ‘barcodes’ everywhere in our lives. A seemingly simple barcode, able to query product information, also can record the sales data of products. And we also could found barcode scanner everywhere in our daily life. Like supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses, etc.

The Gepad barcode scanner is equipped with a number of exclusive technologies that can quickly scan the barcode and record the information of sold items, facilitate the work of reconciliation, etc. It is a powerful assistant in the era of high efficiency in business.

One of the Gepad barcode scanner gun weighs less than 140 grams, the product is small and exquisite, and comfortable to hold in one hand. The product is equipped with a USB cable, plug and play, no need to install a driver, fast use; with high-quality laser head, using a visible laser diode laser engine, scanning barcode more quickly and accurately scan code speed up to 350 ± 50 times / seconds. It’s quite a high speed barcode scanner.

At the top of the scanner, there is an indicator lamp. When it is connected, the blue indicator lamp lights up. And the green indicator lamp lights up during scanning. Users can observe the working status of the scanner better. The Gepad barcode scanner gun adopts the imported French CK button, the sound is loud when pressed, and the scanning feedback instantly senses. The CK button can be used for tens of millions of times. It is durable and lengthen the product life. In addition, the Gepad barcode scanner gun has a good anti-seismic capability, the body is made of ABS material, soft rubber joint protection, can withstand the fall of a free fall height of 1.8 meters, to prevent accidental damage and assure the scanning performance.

Gepad’s barcode scanner guns has widen the light source and provide a wider coverage. It is easy to sweep the broken barcodes, wrinkle barcodes, and recognition the upper and lower positions of low light reflectivity barcodes to complement these difficult-to-scan areas. Finer light source it’s easier to error decoding with such barcodes.

With the continuous development of all walks of life, barcode scanner guns has become more and more widespread. If you need a powerful and long-lasting barcode scanner, you are recommended to choose us.

New Launch Of Gepad Barcode Scanner

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Comet A4 35 sheets Cross Cut Heavy Duty Commercial Office Paper Shredder G-3350 04

Comet A4 35 sheets Cross Cut Heavy Duty Commercial Office Paper Shredder G-3350 04